Jill Clark’s freelances prose and poetry. Among others, her writing has appeared in Pocket Change Literary Magazine, Hedge Apple Literary Magazine, Ariel Chart Literary Review, The Nature Conservancy, The Orlando Sentinel and The Henry David Thoreau Institute.

Her poetry has appeared in the endangered species series for middle grades: Vanishing from Grasslands and Deserts, Vanishing from Forests and Jungles, and Vanishing from Waterways by Lerner Publications.  Her middle grades sci-fi fantasy short story series is published through Lyoness Press: The Silver Empire. Her children’s poetry has appeared in Bumples E-zine for Kids, Guardian Angel Kids, Hopscotch the Magazine for Girls, and The Daytona News-Journal. Her forthcoming work will appear in THEMA Literary Society’s publication THEMA.

Jill hosted the creative writing club Those Who Wander for five years at Daytona State College. Presently, she is group leader for SCBWI’s (the Society of Book Writers and Illustrator’s) Volusia County Regional Online Critique Group The Writer’s Cafe.

Her children’s poetry book Loose Balloons was released in 2019 by Taylor and Seale Publishing.

Jill taught literature, English, communication, reading, creative writing and composition for Daytona State College. She received Professor Emeritus in 2019.  

She graduated from Rollins College with a Masters in Liberal Studies, and a Masters in Reading Education from Stetson University.

She will be hosting PogaYoetry with Jeanne Crayne for children’s stretching-and-balancing Yoga in 2021 in DeBary.

Please blog Jill for more information: to receive the lesson plans guided by The Florida State Standards that accompany the book Loose Balloons, or to be placed on a mailing list to receive the schedule of her children’s poetry workshops and speaker presentations.

Jill is presently Children’s Division Specialist for Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC.



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