Loose Balloons Children’s Book Publishing

Loose Balloons is a children’s poetry book (ages 4-10) published by Taylor & Seale Publishing August 2019.

The book will be available through Books-A-Million (online), Barnes and Noble (online), Amazon. com, this author’s website www.jillswriterscafe.com (for PayPal Payment preference and/or to write a check).

Lesson Plans using the book will be available K-5 using a code from the publisher’s website once the book is purchased: taylorandseale.com

Hardback through Amazon and online sources $22.00.

Softback $15.95



13 thoughts on “Loose Balloons Children’s Book Publishing”

      1. Can I preorder the book on this website, and if so can you please send me a sample of the book for a younger family member?

        1. Yes, you can preorder. I can reduce the price of the book $2.00 for either the hard or soft copy.
          Thank you for ordering, and yes, I can send a sample to your relative.

  1. I love your book jill could I order 2 soft and two hard for my classroom I teach first grade and can’t wait to read it to my kiddos.

    1. Thank you Ellah for your request.
      This website is just now undergoing a facelift.
      Please email your address to jillclark2write@gmail.com and I will fill your order.
      I have some free educational giveaways, too, that I think your children will enjoy.
      Thank you for your order.

      Jill Clark

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