Jill’s Writers’ Cafe Books’ Catalog and Ordering

Books’ Catalog and Ordering

Thank you for visiting our Holiday Catalog and Ordering page. To view our products, you may click the button below to download our Catalog in .pdf form or scroll down the page to see all of our items for sale. To purchase via Paypal simply hit the “Add to Cart” button for the desired item.

If you wish to pay by check contact the author directly at jillclark2write@gmail.com. Please put “Holiday Catalog Order” in the subject line.

A. Loose Balloons Children's Poetry Book

Ages 4-12

Softcover: $10.00

Hardcover: $25.00


B. Where Do Balloons Land

2nd in the Loose Balloons Series

Ages 6-12

Softcover: $25.00

Hardcover: $28.00


C. Coloring and Activity Book: Pre-Order

Coloring and Activity Book aligned with original Loose Balloons book. Available in January 2023.


D. Old Doll Framed Poem

Old Doll Framed Poem: $10.00

Old Doll Framed Poem – Signed by Author: $15.00

E. Octopus Pirate Framed Poem

Octopus Pirate Framed Poem: $10.00

Octopus Pirate Framed Poem – Signed by Author: $15.00

F. Dolly the Christmas Dog Framed Poem

Dolly the Christmas Dog Framed Poem: $10.00

Dolly the Christmas Dog Framed Poem – Signed by Author: $15.00

G. My Cousin's Drawing Framed Poem

My Cousin’s Drawing Framed Poem: $10.00

My Cousin’s Drawing Framed Poem – Signed by Author: $15.00

H. Frog's the Name Framed Poem

Frog’s the Name Framed Poem: $10.00

Frog’s the Name Framed Poem – Signed by Author: $15.00

I. Doll Set

The dark-haired doll is the little girl from the poem “Old Doll.” She is holding the little pink-haired doll she convinces her mother to keep. Doll Set is hand-crafted in Australia by Neda’s Treasures

Doll Set – Child Doll with Her Dolly: $60.00

J. Frog and Toad Tee Shirt

Artwork by Brandy Winston

Frog and Toad Tee Shirt: $12.00

Size :

K. Octopus Plushies

Octopus Plushies: $10.00

Want a different framed poem from the catalog selection? Email author directly: jillclark2write@gmail.com. Type “Order” and your last name in email subject heading.

Free holiday-or-event wrapping and card upon request. Not responsible for on-time delivery if ordered too late for post office holiday-schedule.