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Please check Amazon’s prices for Loose Balloons: Sometimes they sell the book at a lower rate: They also charge shipping & handling and tax (unless you have Prime). Check with me, the author, too for my prices. I love to send to your children, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren […]
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For a sample of a poem from Loose Balloons, please friend me on Facebook and the poem will appear as the first post. Thank you. Let me know who you are and I would like to support you, too, in your creative efforts! This is my […]
THEMA Literary Society, August of 2020 “Dances with Camphor,” Clumsy Gardener Theme “The Inchworm” Bumples Interactive EZine for Kids “The Christmas Tree Bird” Bumples Interactive EZine for Kids Where Do Balloons Go? 2nd in the series of Loose Balloons 2021 by Taylor and Seale Publishing
Loose Balloons is a children’s poetry book (ages 4-10) published by Taylor & Seale Publishing August 2019. The book will be available through Books-A-Million (online), Barnes and Noble (online), Amazon. com, this author’s website (for PayPal Payment preference and/or to write a check). Lesson Plans […]