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THEMA Literary Society, June of 2020 “Dances with Camphor,” Clumsy Gardener Theme

“The Inchworm” Bumples Interactive EZine for Kids

“The Christmas Tree Bird” Bumples Interactive EZine for Kids

Jill Clark

Bio: Jill Clark's writing has appeared in Lerner Publications _The Vanishing Series_, Pocket Change Literary Magazine, Hedge Apple Literary Magazine, Ariel Chart Literary Review, Hopscotch the Magazine for Girls, The Henry David Thoreau Institute, Women's Wildness Anthology, I Am Strength, Bless the Day, and Garden Blessings. Her folkloric sci-fi short story series for middle grades "Machete" is published through Lyonesse Press: The Silver Empire. Her children’s poetry book Loose Balloons was released in 2019 by Taylor and Seale Publishing, LLC.


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