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Softcover $12.95

Hardcover $22.95 


Loose Balloons will make a treasured Christmas gift offering an opportunity to talk about the poems, laugh and share with your child.

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K-5 Lesson Plans  $1.99/each
The yellow square to your left that says “Lesson Plans…”  is a sign only, not an active link.




Boys and Girls Bookmarks – made to fit Loose Balloons

1 Boy’s Bookmark $6.00
1 Girl’s Bookmark $5.00

(Girls’ beads are made of acrylic and not glass.)

All dolls $20

Made from vintage materials.




Inside the book

Wall hanging picture of “The Old Doll” Canvas 8 x 10, sold separately.  $14.95  + $2.00 S & H   Total: $16.95

Hardback book for Valentines sale.  $20 + $3.75 shipping & handling.  Total: $23.75

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